About Me

Corey Edwards

Founder Lead Tech

Stephen F. Austin State University graduate, former IT Manager to a local manufacturing plant here in Houston, I’m now a programmer, tech whisperer, and Help Desk Analyst.

My Skills

Some of them at least...
Field Support exp.95%
Java Javascript80%
IT Security Concepts85%

Problem Solver

There are very few problems that I haven’t solved, or provided a work-around for. If there is a dilemma that a customer brings, I won’t rest until I find the solution. 

Hardware Technician

Able to diagnose and replace faulty hardware, from cracked screens on smartphones, to busted motherboards on server.  Can build PCs and servers from scratch with the correct parts.

Security Oriented

Everything I do, security comes first, especially in the tech world. In this day and age, one can never be too careful, and neither should you. I put my customer’s security on the same pedestal as mine.


As a former IT Manager, and field technician for multiple companies across Houston, I have plenty insight on how to small to medium company could be utilizing their technology in a cost efficient way, as well as provide ideas to work smarter, not harder.

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